The new WPS2 simply is the best WPS2 in the World. The New WPS2 has the Highest Available Calcium Hypochlorite at a High 78%! Also, the new WPS2 gives you 100 size 4 Capsules which is less than half the size of a size 0 capsule!

How to use:

Use one or more drops from this bottle for a gallon of water. Mix each drop with one drop of 50% citric acid or 4.6% Hydrochloric Acid and wait 20 seconds before adding water.
Notes: For absolutely purified water, the solution in this bottle MUST BE mixed with citric acid or 4.6% Hydrochloric Acid.
Warning: Do not use full strength. Keep out of direct sunlight.
Dangerous: Keep away from children.
Antidote: In case of accidental ingestion, drink several glasses of water and all vomiting; see your doctor.
Contains: 28 grams of 80% sodium chlorite and 72grams of double distilled Water ,that = 22.4% of sodium Chlorite by weight that also = 28% solution

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